June 14, 2018

Our NAO program proven to help kids!

Our 2018 pilot has delivered a proof-of-concept beyond expectation!

Through-out 2018 we worked with Bowral Public School delivering NAO sessions to learning & support students on a weekly basis. During this time we were able to test and refine our program across a broad mix of children.

The result… success!

  • Objectives met in 100% of pilot cases
  • Evidence of impact apparent in 92% of pilot cases
  • Program proved relevant to children living with Autism and other developmental, social, emotional, behavioural challenges
  • 12 universal benefits observed across all participating children including increased engagement & participation, improved responsiveness and motivation, reduced anxiety, increased calmness, improved self-regulation, social interaction & communication, increased resilience, confidence and self-esteem to name a few.

Now that we know our NAO program works, we’re on a mission to secure funding for roll-out to the wider community.

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