Exciting NAO program in the works!

Since 2017, Your Angel has been developing an innovative interactive learning & development program using internationally acclaimed NAO humanoid robots.

Our program is designed to help local children living with Autism, developmental, social, emotional and/or behavioural challenges.        

Through the NAO robot we provide fun, engaging, interactive gameplay which enables kids to develop core social & educational learning skills whilst building confidence and self-esteem.

Our NAO Trials with children in therapy and public school over the past 18 months has ensured our program is highly relevant for local children.

In 2018 we commenced a closed Pilot with a local public school. Working closely with select learning & support staff and students, the outcomes have exceeded expectations on a number of fronts. Due to this success our Pilot continues in 2019 while we carry on testing and fine tuning our program. With our program already positively benefiting localchildren, we’re excited to complete this final development phaseand launch NAO to the broader community.

Evidence of Impact


in 92%

of Pilot cases


The sooner we complete developments, the sooner NAO can reach more kids. Every dollar counts, so please, get behind this exciting project and help us launch NAO.

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A bit about NAO

NAO is a child friendly interactive humanoid robot offering many benefits to children living with developmental delay & disabilities:

  • Predictable
  • Reduces natural anxiety
  • Multi-interactive: verbal, visual and tactile engagement
  • Patient, tireless & judgement free
  • Can persistently teach, prompt and encourage students
  • Evolutionary, learner oriented: customized applications and lesson plans for individual & targeted learning
  • Clean design for lower sensory info to process

Through our Pilot we have also found NAO to be an effective tool for children facing social, emotional and behavioural challenges:

  • Provides motivation
  • Aides stress / anxiety relief
  • Helps regulate behaviour
  • Improves responsiveness / co-operation
  • Engages shared experiences
  • Builds trust / connections (between support staff & child)
  • Brings positivity and enjoyment to the child

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