Indigenous Community

Your Angel worked with the local Indigenous community to establish Koori Kulcha Aboriginal Corporation.  Whilst Koori Kulcha is now independent, Your Angel continues to provide mentoring support to the organization.

Koori Kulcha core community programs include:

  • Training and Employment of Indigenous participants both disabled and non – disabled. Supported by involvement with the community, the number of participants and acceptance by the local Indigenous decision making community. This program addresses Indigenous unemployment in our region as well provides direct employment through the Koori Kulcha organisation.
  • Junior kids program is designed for children aged 6 – 11. This program engages with the families while bringing the children into a structured program focused on Indigenous culture. There are currently 35 participants, many of who will graduate to the Koori Kulcha Youth program.
  • Youth program is designed for youth aged 12 – 15. This program assists youth to understand their culture and encouragement to attend and stay at school. As Koori Kulcha also run a commercial operation this presents an opportunity to create employment while preparing youth for that pathway. There are currently 12 participants in this program.

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